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Shape One

Shape One

A compact, simple and easy to install product. Non-invasive in furniture. Easy to clean thanks to a linear metal casing and no hidden points.

Patented inclined motor fixing system to improve the passage of the air flow. Placing the intake of the aspirator in this position allows you to exploit all its power. At the same time, it is protected from liquid build-up and allows for a significant reduction in noise.

Suction hobs are innovative and functional products but they have their limit in the possibility that liquids can fall inside them. This is "frightening" for the user, because spilling a container or spilling water on the surface (for example during boiling) are not rare events.

For this ESISTYLE has developed and patented a unique and innovative concept. Simple but functional at the same time.

In addition to positioning the motor on one side with lower and inclined suction, the Technical Sponge has been included in the Existyle products.

A large absorbent sponge washable by hand or in the washing machine at 60 ° C. Completely biodegradable, it absorbs liquids 20 times its weight and significantly reduces noise.