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Esistyle obtains the certification of the "100% MADE IN ITALY" trademark

Esistyle obtains the certification of the "100% MADE IN ITALY" trademark

We are proud to affirm, as a brand and as a team, that Esistyle products are completely produced and manufactured in Italy. The prestige of the Italian industry in the world, and therefore of our company, is due to a series of excellent products which are recognized distinctive characteristics. We have them.

The Esistyle factories are in the Marche region, where a high quality furniture production sector is alive. In the Fabriano area, in particular, there is a specific historical nucleus of manufacturers of household appliances, components and accessories for the kitchen. A DOC geographical area.

Our products are born in this internationally known area and for us Made in Italy is a permanent center of gravity.

Made in Italy is an expression that evokes the idea of ​​Italian products all over the world. The reason for the fame of this expression, which over time has become a real brand, is the quality that characterizes Italian artisan and industrial excellence.

Ours is a difficult, expensive, demanding, but essential choice. We intend Made in Italy as inspiration, as a goal. From this derives the desire to work referring to the best concept of union between style and invention, between taste and effectiveness. A Vision of inestimable value that Existyle makes its own and pursues 100%, to stand out, in innovation within tradition.