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Brick Dripless

Brick Dripless

Condensation can be "captured" !!!

A unique patented technology that uses the structure of the product, the shapes, the combination of materials, the ease of use to obtain an excellent result and which eliminates the problem of condensation in the kitchen.

25° inclination of the Baffle Filters, which makes the integrated model unique on the market !!! In this way, all the drops of condensation slide into the removable tray, thanks to the long and sloping walls to create a strong "hood effect", as in large catering facilities and thus improve the ability to capture fumes and vapors! All concentrated inside a wall unit!

But Brick Dripless by Esistyle has also included an innovative patented condensate collection system that completely eliminates this problem.

The applicable technical SPONGE (* optional) inside the collection tank.

A large absorbent sponge washable by hand or machine at 60 ° C. Completely biodegradable, it absorbs liquids 20 times its weight and significantly reduces noise.

BRICK replaces the lower part of the wall unit, creating a sturdy and functional structure. Designed for very quick assembly, both on the wall unit production line and during kitchen assembly.

In three simple steps, BRICK is assembled. A slight front bevel allows a safe and functional grip for opening the door and a small side fold in steel that protects the lower part of the wall unit.

Brick Dripless, the solution!